WHY yacht samples exists!

I developed Yachtsamples 10 year ago to service the super yacht industry and its specific requirements in fluid analysis. After years of working with the big industrial suppliers as a chief engineer, I wanted to make the process fast, efficient and constant, worldwide, for our Engineers and Captains who do not have time to chase up on results and decipher the chemical analysis that the different labs around the world produced..

We aim to provide friendly, confidential and fast service to get your analysis to you in a concise report that can easily be understood. We offer a full service where you can ask any question on our reports in confidence and we can provide advice on your planned preventative maintenance to meet industry guidelines in this area, which is vital in protecting yourself against liability in case of total loss of machinery or serious illness on board (such as legionaries decease).

Over the last 10 years, our industry has changed its requirements and so we have expanded our product line to meet these new needs and in addition to our standard, fuel, oil and coolant analysis kits, we offer potable water, air conditioning and surface bacterial swabs (for service areas).


With best regards.

Donovan Benbrook

Marine Engineer & CEO of Yacht Samples






Regular testing of your oil, coolant, fuel and water is a simple, inexpensive and proven way of gaining insight into the condition of your essential machinery.

Easy to use and easy to set up account
Competitive pricing
Report normally available within 24 hrs of lab receiving samples
We use sister labs in Europe and the USA to allow consistent results both sides of the Atlantic.
Trends easily visible with easy to view charts showing history
Company operated by Marine Engineer
High Quality Testing.
Innovative data managing capabilities.
Identify opportunities for optimise equipment performances.
Safely extend oil drain intervals.
Extend equipment life.
Minimise downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures.
We are a service based company with a single point of contact for a simple analysis solution.

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