MHC Bearing Checker

Fast and easy way to check bearing health, measures sound produced by bearings... more


Cost € 999.00

EasySHIP DIGI Field Kit

Oil Analysis in 3 minutes, Provides on the spot indication of condition for motor bearings, gears, compressors, slewing rings, hoists, winches, etc... more


Cost € 1859.00

Marine Hygiene Water Test Kit

In depth monitoring solution for Super Yacht water systems.

Kit provides equipment necessary for regular assessment and testing of water systems for microbiological activity, biocide
(disinfection control) and implementing a correct control scheme (i.e. temperature monitoring), which will ultimately reduce risks and save lives... more


Cost € 2899.00

Oil Checker

Hand-held Oil Condition Monitor gives an early warning of impending engine failure... more


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Cost € 619.00

Superyacht Test Kit

MHC Bearing Checker and DIGI easySHIP Field Kit... more


Cost € 2499.00

Flashpoint Tester

The flash point for all fuels to be used in bulk onboard vessels is set at 60°C minimum (SOLAS* agreement)... more


Cost € 4699.00


A comprehensive case with the right quantities of kit to do a global check up on the condition of equipment... more

Cost € 799.00