Coolant Analysis Kits

Elemental Metals by ICP

Antifreeze % (Ethylene or Propylene Glycol)

Freeze Point


SCA Number

Total Hardness


Boil Point

Specific Conductance

HPLC (Benzotriazole, Tolytriazole, Mercaptoben-zothiazole, Benzoic Acid, Sebacic Acid, 2-Ethyl-hexanoic Acid, Octonooic Acid, P-Toluic Acid)

Visuals (color, oil, fuel, foam, magnetic precipi-tate, non-magnetic precipitate, odor & foam)






€65 per test kit



Each kit includes prepaid analysis, sample bottle, shipping envelope and mailing label. Minimum order quantity of 10 Kits.

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Cost € 650.00