Fuel Drip Sampler

Oil Samples are used to obtain a clear indication of the operating status of your machinery. One of the most important aspects of any oil analysis program is the sampling methods and equipment used. Often these are weak links that quickly compromise the program.

Obtaining a representative oil sample is one of the most important factors of a scheduled oil analysis program. Representative, uncontaminated oil samples are required for both regulatory and commercial purposes.

A high standard oil sample will contain an accurate representation of the contaminants, additives, oxidation, particulates and wear condition of plant and equipment. If a sample does not represent the true condition of the oil and component at the time of sampling, the reliability of both the test result and it’s interpretation is affected.

Kittiwake's sampling solutions provide you with everything you need to easily gather an uncontaminated, representative sample of your fuel or lubricating oil, whenever your oil analysis program requires it.

Protect your machinery from potentially critical
problems, with regular monitoring of your oil condition.

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Cost € 605.16