How to complete a sample form

Sample Information & Component Registration Forms

For your first sample submission, complete the Required Sample information section of your fluid analysis form for every fluid submitted to the laboratory. Be sure to fill out the form completely and accurately to ensure proper testing and accurate analysis. After your first submission, you may submit your samples online. See below for details.

A Component Registration section is also included on fluid analysis form. Fill it out ONLY when sampling a new component for the first time or to notify the laboratory of a change in component and/or fluid information already registered with the laboratory.

Things to remember


  • Include a component and fluid information requested including component ID, type of component and position, time on both the fluid and the component and whether or not the fluid and/or filter has been changed.
  • Attach one barcode sticker label to sample jar.
  • Keep one barcode sticker label for your record.


How to take a sample diagram

Shipping Samples

Attach the return address label for the laboratory location nearest you to the black mailer.


  • Include sample jar and sample information form, if applicable, in black mailer.
  • Ship by trackable delivery service such as UPS, Fedex or DHL.


Sample Reports & Online Data Management

To submit subsequent sample reports online, visit On this site, you’ll use our HORIZON® data management tool to:


  • Add or update component information online.
  • Submit samples.
  • Receive immediate test results after processing is complete.
  • Place critical components on asset watch and receive email alerts on high severities.
  • Document maintenance action taken.
  • Estimate cumulative savings to bring visibility to program value.


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