INDUSTRIAL Legionella Field Test Kit (Serogroup 1)

Results obtained in less than 35 minutes.

Number of tests included: 5

Test Time:

Sensitivity: 100CFU/L


Industrial Field Test Kit is very similar to the Single Syringe Test.

It also provides sensitivity of 100 CFU/L. The only difference is the way of collecting the sample. The Industrial kit includes sample point that connects to the pipe fitting. It allows water testing from sources such as cooling towers, showers, water tanks, pipe fittings in domestic and industrial water systems.


Test Kit Details

Technical Info:
Highly sensitive test
Sample Type: water sample obtained by connection to pipe fitting
Sample Volume: 250 ml
Sensitivity: 100 CFU/L
Pack Size: 5 Tests
Less than 10 minutes filtering and 25 minute test


The Industrial test kit includes a sample connection point that easily installs into standard plumbing fitting. The sample point can be left in-situ for convenient repeated tests.
Similar to the Single Syringe Test Kit it is highly sensitive thanks to the filtration step. The sample point supplied allows water samples to be easily obtained from plumbing connections provided in installations including: industrial cooling towers, large water systems in hotels, residential and commercial properties. It can also be used in showers.

Cost € 399.00

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