MHC Bearing Checker

The MHC-Bearing Checker monitors high frequency Acoustic Emissions (AE) signals naturally generated by deterioration in rotating machinery. The unique way of detecting and processing these signals gives you condition related information in the easiest possible form. It is a state of the art Condition Monitoring instruments with extreme sensitivity to developing faults.

Simply attach the unit via the magnetic sensor head and within 10 seconds both dB level and Distress® values will be displayed. dB Level is an indication of the overall noise of the bearing and is dependent on speed. It increases with speed of rotation, but also with degradation of the bearing or inadequate lubrication. Distress® gives an instant indication of the state of the bearings health. A Distress® reading below 10 generally indicates normal operation, a reading higher than 10 is usually indicative of bearing damage or the need for attention.


Economically priced, can you afford not to equip each of your maintenance engineers with a unit?


Cost: €999


Cost € 999.00