Oil Checker

The Oil Checker measures changes in your oil's dielectrics (DC value) with a numerical display that indicates positive or negative increase in dialectrics (DC Value). Changes in the DC Value indicate general contamination or changes in the oil's chemistry. This is used as an early warning tool to notify you of changes in your oil's condition.

To use it, the oil checker will first be calibrated with a new oil sample. Then you will place your used oil sample on the oilchecker and it will give you a reading of how far the DC value is from where it should be (the contamination level).  Essentially, if the oil is in the red area, it would be recommended that you send the oil in for a lab analysis to pinpoint the cause of the change in DC value (contamination). If the oil is in the green area, it is generally in good condition.

The reading will also give you a numerical value as an indicative figure. The indicative figure is not a standard measurement such as ppm/ISO etc but just an indication if the dielectric value is greater or less than the value of the new oil used to calibrate the oilchecker.

- where the figure is greater than zero this is an indication of contaminants such as soot, water, fuel etc
- where the figure is negative this is usually a good indication of a fuel contamination only due to additives



Cost: €619



Cost € 619.00