SINGLE USE Legionella Field Test Kit (Serogroup 1)

Results obtained in less than 35 minutes.

Number of tests included: 1

Test Time:

Sensitivity: 100CFU/L

Description: SINGLE TEST KIT

The Single Syringe test kit, is the most flexible kit in the Hydrosense range.

The filtration step concentrates the Legionella improving the sensitivity. It is designed for any hot and cold water system, showers and can be used in industrial water systems (e.g. cooling towers) and domestic water systems.


Test Kit Details

Technical Info:

Highly Sensitive test
Sample Type: water collected from any source
Sample Volume: 250 ml
Sensitivity: 100CFU/L
Pack Size: 1

Single Syringe Test Kit is highly sensitive thanks to the filtration process. It provides sensitivity of 100 CFU/L. The kit includes 1 test, and tools that allow filtration of water and concentration of the bacteria. The kit is very flexible and allows water testing from any source. It is recommended in higher risk industries such as hospitality, health care, cooling towers and others.



Cost € 71.99

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