SWAB Legionella Field Test Kit (Serogroup 1)

Results in less than 35 minutes

Number of tests included: 5 or 1

Test Time:

Sensitivity: 200CFU/Swabbed area


The Swab test kit is intended for sampling surface biofilms.

Legionella grows in biofilms, therefore testing the surface of shower heads, air conditioning units, water tanks, taps etc. gives a very accurate picture of the condition of your water system. If Legionella is present, then the Swab test is very likely to detect it from the biofilm


Test Kit Details

Technical Info:
For Detecting Legionella in Biofilms
- Surface of water tanks
- Shower heads
- Air conditioning units
Sample Type: surface areas
Sample Volume: N/A
Sensitivity: 200 CFU per swabbed area Pack Size: 5 Tests
2 minutes to sample and 25 minute test

Swab Test Kit allows Legionella detection from surfaces and biofilms. Instead of collecting water, you swab the area to obtain biofilm sample. Since Legionella grows in biofilms the swab kit allows sampling directly from the source, which makes it very accurate and highly sensitive. This kit is very useful for locating the source of infection. The sensitivity of the kit is 200 CFU/swabbed area. The Swab Tests can be purchased in sets of 5 or 1. (€64.94/for one or 5 for €318.50)

Cost € 318.50

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